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Order from Chaos in The Website

Here in random order, technical tips that can help in optimizing a website. For newcomers to SEO (search engine optimization), this is a good guide to start with. When you take these points into account as much as possible, you have a good chance that your site will score better in search engines like Google.

Optimize title and Meta description tags

  • use h1 tags for headlines
  • places non html such as JavaScript and cuss information in external files
  • use correct, valid html
  • use a sitemap
  • implement breadcrumbs
  • avoid JavaScript in navigation
  • use 301 redirects
  • avoid 404 notifications and optimize the 404 page
  • implement a statistics package and analyze the data
  • Link building, link building!

Use unique title tags and Meta descriptions for each page of your site. A lot has already been written about this; for example, read a good article about the Meta description and another article about Meta tags according to the AIDA principle. If you need to know more then visit to now.

  • It is important to structure your web pages well, also semantically. Use the H1 tag for the most important keyword on that page. Read this overview about H1 tags, with links to more articles.
  • Keep your pages as clean as possible, place this kind of code in a separate file. Listen to the (English) podcast why you have to place these files externally!Although this point is somewhat debatable in the SEO world, it is our opinion that it is important that the HTML meets W3C standards. A page with many errors will be less appreciated by search engines, while others say it does not matter at all.
  • The big advantage of the use of a sitemap is that this allows the structure of a website to be mapped for a search engine. What should a good sitemap meet, and what exactly is the benefit?

With the help of well-implemented breadcrumbs, the internal link structure of a site can be greatly improved. It is also a useful tool for the visitor to know what his location is, if he has landed on that page from a search engine.

Search engines use spiders that, until now, do not follow any JavaScript links in their database. Therefore, avoid this kind of links. There are other ways to use dynamic JavaScript menus.


The only correct way to redirect pages! For an explanation and the correct techniques, see the article on 301 redirects elsewhere on our site.

Lest best

Although initially not technical, I still want to add it to the list because its importance is so obvious: the number of links (and the quality of it!) That point to your site. Although there are technical things possible to promote this, such as having good URLs so that it can be well-plucked to your site. Read more about link building and link bait what you should not do with link building and what does. And the good overview of articles about link bait is very useful.

  • Partner links