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In addition to the actual loan price, prior to the conclusion of the contract, the credit institution is obliged to submit to the consumer without compensation any other essential terms of the contract, and at the request of the consumer it is obligatory to submit a draft contract if it agrees to establish a credit relationship with the consumer. The best interest new home loan in Singapore option is right there now.

Also, prior to the conclusion of the contract, general terms and conditions of credit operations and / or rules on interest rate calculation, methodology of calculation and change of fees and / or exemption from the fee charge should be available, which are explained in more detail below:

  • current nominal annual rates of regular and default interest,
  • the way of calculating interest,
  • the conditions of changing the regular and default interest rates during repayment of the loan,
  • the currency of the principal or the currency at which the principal is linked and the explanation of the exchange rate risk of those currencies,
  • fees and commissions charged and the possibility of their change,
  • an effective interest rate reflecting the total loan price,
  • repayment plan – amount of principal repayment, interest, repayment terms, number and amount of repayment installments,
  • conditions for depositing deposits with a credit institution, if this is a condition for granting a loan,
  • options and conditions for repayment of loans and deposits (if applicable),
  • loan repayment instruments and other conditions with emphasis on the consequences of non-payment,
  • consumer rights to waive the contract in legal terms and conditions
  • conditions of early repayment of the loan.

If other participants in the credit relationship appear in the contract, and the credit institution is obliged to present all important information on the terms of the contract and acquaint them with their rights and obligations.

Note: By deciding on the content and form in which consumers are given information before contracting a particular banking service, the Croatian National Bank has prescribed the forms that the credit institution is obliged to provide to the consumer before the loan agreement is concluded. You can have your deals with the most trusted money lender in Singapore now.

IMPORTANT: When making a decision to contract each and every single product and service in a credit institution, including credit agreement decisions, it should be borne in mind that the contractual relationship assumes certain obligations. Failure to comply with these obligations also entails certain financial penalties in the form of default interest and / or additional costs, which creates the basis for the debts and the taking of activities for the payment of outstanding liabilities by the credit institution.

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